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Updated 4/7/2024

Twenty years ago, the Kemper Memorial Park Preservation Fund embarked upon an ambitious undertaking to revitalize Kemper Memorial Park.  In addition to cleaning and restoration of the monument, our goals included the installation of a flagpole, stone planters, new pathways, benches, tables, signage, landscaping, lighting, and an irrigation system.  Most recently, we installed four anodized aluminum tablets bearing the names of all 106 honorees in raised lettering to ensure that they will never fade.   All of this was accomplished through the donations of our supporters and the cooperation of the Mamaroneck School District.

The contrast between the way Kemper Park looked 20 years ago and the way it looks now is stunning.  It once again looks like everything it was meant to be – a tribute to our fallen, a place for reflection, an educational resource, and a place in which Larchmont and Mamaroneck can truly take pride.

World War II took a tremendous toll on our community.  One hundred and six fatalities for a population of its size was devastating.  The attached map, showing the distribution of gold-star homes, illustrates how much the Town and both Villages shared that sacrifice and we have always felt that Kemper Memorial Park should reflect our community’s  gratitude.  The fact that we have been able to accomplish what we have so far is a testament to that gratitude.

             One final project will be the capstone of our decades-long efforts.  We plan to delineate the Boston Post Road entrance to the Park with an archway bearing its name so all who visit, or simply pass through, will know they have entered a very special place.  The renderings below illustrate what we have in mind. 



It’s a daunting task since we estimate the final cost of this project to be approximately $22,000.  However, many of our past projects seemed intimidating at first but, nevertheless, were accomplished through the generosity of our supporters.  Donations came in all sizes.  Some were anonymous, others were made in memory of family members and veterans.  Some donors even chose to forego holiday and birthday gifts in lieu of donations to Kemper Memorial Park. The end result was more than $150,000 worth of improvements to the Park that can be seen today.  Most of all, those donations confirmed our community’s commitment to never forget the sacrifices made for us.

The Archway Project is one final opportunity to express that gratitude in an enduring way.  Every cent of each donation will be used specifically for this project and, as always, will be fully tax deductible. 

We hope you will join us in making the Archway Project a reality.




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