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Place of Death

Date of Death


Place of Burial

 Ivers W. Lawrence

 Osoppo, Italy

Sunday, January 16, 1944


 Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy

 Richard William Twombly


Saturday, January 6, 1945


 Arlington Cemetery

 Fred P. Motz, Jr.


Monday, January 8, 1945


 American Cemetery, Epinal, France

 William Hugh   Smith

 Tillet, Belgium

Thursday, January 11, 1945


 Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale

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Mamaroneck High School Veterans Day Ceremony

Lawrence J. Thaul playing Taps by the Richard M. Kemper Memorial

Samantha Moore and Erin Jaeger manned the Clubmobile are sitting on bench dedicated to Anne Kathleen "Kay" Cullen

A miniature Clubmobile model

WWII Red Cross Clubmobiles and Kay Cullen

We recently received a digital book from a gentleman in Spain about the WWII Red Cross Clubmobiles. Kay Cullen, one of the Park's honorees, was serving on one when she was killed in a bomb explosion at the hospital in Belgium where she was staying. He also sent an image of a postcard her group sent the family of one of the soldiers.


Fund Raising Drive

Our drive to raise the additional funds to achieve our ultimate goal of full restoration and beautification of Kemper Memorial Park is currently underway. We estimate that it will cost approximately $100,000 to accomplish everything we hope to do. While it would be wonderful to receive the entire amount from one magnanimous donor, we would actually prefer numerous donations in much smaller amounts. So, we are attempting to raise $100,000 through five thousand donations of $20 each. More donations will mean that more people care. That is what we hope to see, and that is ultimately what will best ensure Kemper Memorial Park’s longevity. Please consider joining us in our effort to help make Kemper Memorial Park everything it deserves to be.


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A poem written by Jean Kemper in 1943


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