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See the Park in all it's Glory

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Video by Mark Schumer & Music played by Mat Schumer


 The Angels of Bataan: The World War II Nurses Who  
Survived Three Years in a Japanese Prison Camp

Original Post: May 12, 2019 by Katherine

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Photos by Mark and Jane Schumer

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Boy Scouts hold meeting at Kemper Memorial Park

Boy Scout Troop 2 hold their meeting at the Park
under the direction of Scout Leader John Sykes
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 Latest Information Regarding
the New Rochelle Naval Armory

The lawsuit filed in 2019 by local veterans against the city of New Rochelle and developer,
Twining Properties, has been dismissed by the State Supreme Court.
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Veterans History Project Interview with
Dr. Max Eagelfeld

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See Our New Plaques

Many thanks to Jeff and his crew, Inmar and Jose, who installed the beautiful plaques. 
A special thank you to Chris who crafted the stones for the plaques.

Fund Raising Drive

Our drive to raise the additional funds to achieve our ultimate goal of full restoration and beautification of Kemper Memorial Park is currently underway. We estimate that it will cost approximately $100,000 to accomplish everything we hope to do. While it would be wonderful to receive the entire amount from one magnanimous donor, we would actually prefer numerous donations in much smaller amounts. So, we are attempting to raise $100,000 through five thousand donations of $20 each. More donations will mean that more people care. That is what we hope to see, and that is ultimately what will best ensure Kemper Memorial Park’s longevity. Please consider joining us in our effort to help make Kemper Memorial Park everything it deserves to be.


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A poem written by Jean Kemper in 1943


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