Veterans History Project

Since 2013, the Kemper Memorial Park Preservation Fund has been working with high school and college students to interview local veterans for the Library of Congressís Veterans History Project. These interviews are now available at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. The 2013 interviews are also available on the Library of Congressís Veterans History Project website.  

Jesse Kling: World War II Veterans Stanley Plesent, Joe Germano, John Hanway, Sheldon Evans

Jaclyn DeVito: World War II Veterans Tony Marsella, Tom Santoro, Dom Rigano, Jack Burke 

Emily Hurley: World War II Veterans Cal Schlick, Fred Rosenberg, Jack Coughlin 

Catherine Thompson: Irving Levine, World War II 

Jackson Bayer: John Esposito, Sr., World War II 

Gaby Anselmo: Ray Fiorentino, Korea