Virtual Kemper Park

For the past few years, on Veteranís Day, the Kemper Memorial Park Preservation Fund has sponsored a Meet and Greet Event between students and veterans at the Richard M. Kemper Park on the Mamaroneck High School campus. The students benefited tremendously from this event and we hope that the veterans enjoyed it as well. This year, due to Covid-19, we decided to hold the event virtually on our website. It would be wonderful if veterans could submit a video of themselves telling the story of their service. These could be made by a family member or a close friend on a cell phone. The videos should be no longer than 5 minutes. Please begin each video with your name, rank and branch of service. Those of you that have attended this event in the past, please record what you usually say to the students. Those of you who have not been able to attend, please answer questions such as those below: 

How old were you when you entered the service?
Why did you go into the service?
When did you serve?
Where did you serve?
What were your duties?
What was the highlight of your service?

Please also include anything you think might be of interest to the students and, if you have artifacts or photos, let us see them! There is nothing like an in-person interaction between the students and veterans but these videos could be the next best thing. We know they will be an invaluable memento for the veterans and their families. We are looking forward to seeing the entries! Thanks so much for your cooperation.  

The completed videos can be e-mailed to Ed Cofino at 

Let me know if you have any questions.  

Jan Northrup