History of the Property


Original Buildings Located on the Property

Purchased by Adolph and Helen Kemper 

     In 1945 and 1946, Adolph and Helen Kemper purchased three parcels of land on the Boston Post Road and donated them to the Mamaroneck School District for the creation of a World War II Memorial Park. The Kempers then razed the existing, dilapidated buildings that were on the land and landscaped a beautiful, quiet and contemplative enclave. Designed to honor their only son and the other 98 individuals from the school district who gave their lives during World War II,  this once beautiful park was deeded to the School District for public and school use for perpetuity. The Memorial Park is  the only place for some in this community to grieve. Too often, their loved ones were buried far away, or at sea, or the bodies were never recovered.  The tradition of meeting to remember these heroes, at Memorial Day and throughout the year, continues today at Kemper Memorial Park.