Adolph and Richard Kemper

Adolph and Richard Kemper

In the early l890’s, when he was a young boy, Adolph Kemper emigrated to the United States from Germany. Although he was quite poor, Adolph worked hard and eventually owned his own business.

He truly represented the “Horatio Algier” story, and loved his adopted country for making his success possible. According to his daughter, Jean, nothing made him prouder than to see his only son, Richard, in the military uniform of the United States of America.

Ever the optimist, Adolph, was devastated when he received the news that Richard had been killed in action in Normandy on August 6, 1944. Wanting desperately to do something to commemorate his son’s sacrifice, he worked with Philip O, Moynahan, then President of the Mamaroneck School Board, to create the Richard M. Kemper Park. On May 25, 1947, the Memorial Park was dedicated, not just to his beloved son, Richard, but to all of those from the Mamaroneck School District.