Veterans Day Ceremony Speeches
November 8, 2011

Nancy Pierson, Board of Education of Mamaroneck School

On behalf of my colleagues on the Board of Education and along with our other speakers, I would like to welcome you to our schools and thank the organizers for continuing to have our schools be part of this celebration.

It is a coincidence that this year we are paying our tribute to veterans on a day that happens to be an election day but I think itís a coincidence that needs to be noted.

We have almost 25 million veterans.  We actually have 10 times that number of eligible voters. 

Our veterans have done their duty so that we and many others around the world continue to have the privilege to vote.  We can honor our veterans in ceremonies like this one, we can reach out personally to the vets we know and we can honor our vets by taking our own citizen responsibilities seriously.  For some of us it may mean educating the next generation about citizenship, both of the United States and of the world. For some it may mean caring for others here and abroad who continue need our help. For 250 million of us, it means going to the voting booth when we have the chance.

In 1954 President Eisenhower signed the bill proclaiming November 11 as Veteranís Day, changing the name from Armistice Day.  In addition to reminding us to show our gratitude to our veterans, he called for all Americans to rededicate themselves to the cause of peace-the original message behind the day.  One of the best ways to do this is to be informed, think carefully and have our voices heard about who we want to be making the decisions that affect all of us. Over 70 % of our veterans are regular voters.  This compares with less that 60% of our general population.  It would seem that our veterans have learned the power of the vote and that we have one more action to thank them for and to emulate. 

Today, we thank our veterans-for your sacrifices and willingness to serve our country.  And we can honor you by doing our part.  My hope is that by making responsible choices in the voting booth, today and every chance we get, the number of veterans will continue to decrease and the cause of Peace will be what we are celebrating when we come together in the future.

Nancy Pierson
Board of Education VP
Mamaroneck UFSD