Sherman Lloyd Anderson was born on September 18, 1903 in St. Paul, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1925 magna cum laude. Anderson went on to  Harvard Law School and graduated in 1928. After studying political science at Lafayette College, Anderson joined Chase National Bank in New York in 1929 and became a Trust Administrator in the Personal Trust Department. He worked for Chase until he joined the Army in 1942.

            Maj. Anderson married several times between 1925 and 1938. He was married in 1925 in Arlington, MA (as he was beginning law school). He then applied for a marriage license on May 22, 1930 to Emilie Glen and married her on June 1, 1930. His last marriage was to Margaret Melville, whom he married in 1938. She already had a daughter, Barbara, from a previous marriage. Sherman and Margaret had two more children, Michael Sherman Anderson, born in 1940, and John Melville Anderson, born in 1942. Sherman’s wife and children moved to Easton, Maryland, when Sherman joined the service.

            Maj. Anderson was assigned to the Allied Control Commission, which was established to supervise the Italian Government in administering occupied Italy during World War II. His headstone reads he was part of the Allied Financial Agency (perhaps this was part of the Allied Control Commission).

            Tragically, Maj. Anderson was killed in an automobile accident near Rome on August 13, 1945, only three days before he was to be discharged. He was driving a car that was reputed to have been confiscated from the Germans. He was decorated with the Order of the Crown of Italy (Knight Officer).



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