Press Releases

Memorial Day Tribute
(The Loop 6-5-12)
Essay contest spreads focus on human rights
(The Sound &Town Report 6-3-11)
Wreaths Across America Visit 2010
(The Sound &Town Report 12-16-10)
Veterans honored at high school memorial
Journal News 6-10-10)
Stars and Stripes Forever
(The Sound &Town Report 6-4-10)
'Shared sacrifice' focus of memorial
(The Journal News 5-31-10)
Kemper Memorial Essay Contest 2010
(The Sound &Town Report 5-28-10)
Mission Accomplished
(The Sound &Town Report 5-7-10)
Veterans Day 2009
(Larchmont Gazette 11-12-09, 11-11-09,
Sound&Town 11-19-09, The Globe 12-2-09)
9th Annual Essay Contest
(The Sound &Town Report 6-5-09)
Earth Week at Kemper Memorial Park
(The Sound & Town Report 5-1-09)
Wreaths Across America Returns to MHS
(Larchmont Gazette 12-18-08)