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     You may have noticed that from time to time Kemper Memorial Park is made available to various organizations for gatherings that lend themselves to its large open space and inviting environment.  These organizations are from our community and are supported by our community, and may not be related to those events most familiar to us - celebrating the service and sacrifice of local veterans, especially WWII veterans.
     As you likely know, Kemper Memorial Park is owned by the Mamaroneck School District which controls its use by such organizations.  The mission of KMPPF is to protect the well being of the Park by continuing to enhance it and continuing to integrate its message of service and sacrifice into the classroom and into the community.  We are happy to see its productive use by various community groups so long as the theme of their events do not conflict with the Park’s primary purpose of celebrating the contributions of local veterans to their country and their community.  Please note, however, that KMPPF does not endorse the positions of these organizations or the content of any events that are permitted by the School District.




Norman Rockwell Returns to
Mamaroneck High School

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Norman Rockwell went to Mamaroneck High School but dropped out to go to art school. He later donated a painting to the school (Goin' Fishin') when he was given an honorary diploma. 

View this private collection of Saturday Evening Post magazines with cover illustrations by Norman Rockwell.  These magazines contain numerous examples of how Rockwell’s art helped to rally our nation’s war effort.

The exhibit is located in the display area at the entrance of the Mamaroneck High School on Boston Post.  It will be up until Veterans Day 2017.

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Norman Rockwell’s iconic ‘Four Freedoms’ to tour internationally

With his celebrated “Four Freedoms” paintings, Norman Rockwell helped to galvanize a nation tested by the tribulations of World War II.

Now, the public will get a chance to consider the works anew. The paintings will be the focus of a multi-year exhibition organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, the museum announced last week.

The tour will launch in summer 2018 at the New York Historical Society and move to cities across the United States before concluding in Normandy, France, in autumn 2020.

The paintings “Freedom of Speech,” “Freedom from Fear,” “Freedom from Want,” and “Freedom to Worship” were inspired by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union address.

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