Veterans History Project

Linking Past and Future Generations

One young man who has helped to link past and future generations is MHS senior Jesse Kling. Working as this year’s intern for the Kemper Memorial Park Preservation Fund, Jesse interviewed four local veterans, John Hanway, Stanley Plesent, Sheldon Evans and Joe Germano, about their World War II experiences. The interviews were taped and submitted to the Library of Congress for its Veterans History Project. Preliminary discussions were followed up with background research on each veteran’s experiences. The research helped to refine the questions asked in the formal interviews. After the interviews were taped, they were annotated and submitted to the Library of Congress. Thanks to Jesse’s painstaking work, it is now possible for future researchers to go directly to a specific point of interest in each of the two hour interviews.

For Jesse, this project was an enlightening historical experience that covered both the European and Pacific Theatres in World War II. But, perhaps more importantly, this project allowed Jesse to see into the hearts and souls of four young men who served their country and the free world in its time of need.

The Kemper Memorial Park Preservation Fund is grateful to both Jesse and the veterans for their meaningful contributions to the World War II History Project. Their contributions now have a permanent place in our nation’s archives and will help to link past and future generations.


Sheldon Evans Joe Germano John Hanway Stanley Plesent