In Memoriam

Melvyn Kaufman

Melvin Kaufman passed away on
March 18, 2012.

Melvin supported our efforts to preserve Kemper Memorial Park from the outset, but his passion for honoring the memory of his fellow veterans had much to do with his own experiences during World War II. Melvin himself was a combat infantryman, wounded on two occasions and returned to duty each time. His service awards include the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster. He fought in several major engagements, including the battle at the Remagen Bridge. As a twenty-year old PFC, he wrote a letter home from a bombed-out German town that had just been captured. His letter was published in the local newspaper at the time and can be read in full on our website. Thank you, Melvin, for your support, your military service and your enduring loyalty to your fellow veterans.

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Phyllis Young

Phyllis Young passed away on
February 28, 2012.

When we asked Phyllis if we could commission her to create a water color painting of the monument in Kemper Memorial Park, she readily agreed. Shortly thereafter, she presented us with her beautiful work. When we attempted to pay her for the painting, she graciously donated it to us, along with her permission to reproduce it as note cards to sell as one of our fund-raising activities. We are eternally grateful to Phyllis for her spirit, her talent, her support and her generosity. We will always remember her fondly.