Memorial Field Research Project

Every year thousands of people enter Mamaroneck High School’s football field through the driveway or walk past the football field along Boston Post Road. Although many of them know it is called Memorial Field, most of them don’t know why. They may also be unaware of the monument behind the fence at the driveway’s entrance. This is partially due to the monument’s placement and to the large shrub that obscures it.

A closer look at the monument reveals that it was presented by the classes of 1946, 1947, 1948 and the family of 2nd Lt. Owen A. Norton, USMCR. The inscription reads: MAMARONECK HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIAL FIELD – DEDICATED IN HONOR OF OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED IN WORLD WAR II AND IN THE ARMED FORCES DURING THE KOREAN CONFLICT – OCTOBER 18, 1952

Owen A. Norton is pictured below (front row center). While attending Mamaroneck High School, he was President of the Student Council, ran track, played football and looked forward to a career as an engineer. Tragically, he died in Korea on September 5, 1952.

Owen Norton’s sacrifice should never be forgotten and making this monument more prominent will help to ensure that. It will also remind visitors that our football field honors the sacrifices made by millions of veterans.

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Needham, who serves as this year’s School Board liaison to the Kemper Memorial Park Preservation Fund, discussions with the Board of Education have been initiated to raise awareness of the Korean War Monument in a variety of ways.

We welcome this endeavor and look forward to its outcome.